Course Category: PSMC

PSMC 110 – Certification Exam

Upon completion of the 10 modules participant will qualify for the Professional Security Management Exam. Successful candidates will receive certification as Professional Security Manager at an Award ceremony with leading security professionals in attendance. The Award ceremony is to occur Monthly. Grading Structure Pass 0-39% Lower Credit 40 – 55% Upper Credit56 – 70% Distinction …

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PSMC 109 – Productive Office Skills

There is a need for people with strong office management skills in any business. With business processes, equipment, documentation and communication becoming increasingly complicated, managers and professional administrators need a wide range of skills to run the office effectively. Often these skills are neglected or ignored, which results in ineffective office management. Rapidly changing technology …

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PSMC 108 – Electronic & Cyber Security

A sound knowledge of the requirements of Electronic and Cyber Security is critical for every security professional because electronic security is taking over the face of security operations globally. There is now a big convergence between IT and electronic security systems, this course will give participants basic knowledge of the essentials of electronic security and …

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PSMC 107 – Occupational Health and Safety

Occupation health and safety (OH&S) course is the identification, evaluation, and control of safety hazards associated with the work environment. The purpose of this course is to help the participants develop a solid understanding of workplace safety, hazard recognition, assessment, and control. This course offers comprehensive approach to developing an effective positive safety culture.

PSMC 106 – Guard Management

Good communication is vital to effective security guard management. The training is aimed at improving the leadership skills and operational practices of both new and veteran security professionals. The Guard Management training covers vital skill building topics such as leadership, motivation, performance management, conflict management, customer service and prioritization

PSMC 103 – Forensic & Investigation Management

Participants in this training are provided with a practice-based understanding of the legalities, best practice and methodologies used in modern investigation. This course introduces participants to forensics and also covers, evidence handling, seizure and data preservation, through to investigation and interpretation, and finally the reporting and presentation of findings.