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PSSC 101-Security Operations

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Security operations and administration is the task of identifying an organization’s tangible and intangible assets and the documentation needed for policy implementation, standards, procedures, and guidelines to ensure adequate protection of these assets. Students will be provided the critical requirements for conducting effective security operations. They will understand basic security concepts and acquire the skills needed to apply those concepts in the day to day operation and administration of their security function.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate and explain security concepts.
  • Demonstrate understanding of crime and crime prevention techniques
  • Be aware of the threat of terrorism and how to identify red flags and report
  • Explain the relevant legislation/law that impacts the work of a security officer
  • Illustrate the safety principles, procedures and policies, which are required within the workplace
  • Acquire event security management skills
  • Demonstrate understanding of crowd control techniques.
  • Apply searching, patrolling and scene preservation skills
  • Skillfully