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PESC 109 – Installation – Cabling & Wiring Systems

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This course module is hands-on practical and field simulation of access control, CCTV, alarm and intercom cabling and installation. Participants will also learn about the many tools, basic items and techniques for low voltage installations that can make their job easier on the field and guarantee a ‘’fit and forget’’ installation.

Apart from the technical aspect, the module also focuses on safety protocols and how accidents can be avoided in the workplace. The course will give learners practical instructions on the requirements governing wiring methods and boxes, running the wire, specifications and limitations of equipment, and wiring for low voltage while addressing the potential threats they can face on a typical job site and how they can be dealt with.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain and apply the general requirements, limitations, and specifications for installing electrical wiring in compliance with international best practice (specify standard being used)
  • Learn about different electronic security cable types, uses, cases and principles
  • Master methods of protecting conductors, raceways, and cables from physical damage
  • Display an understanding of protocols and procedures, including legal guidelines for the workplace
  • Understand how to avoid electrical injuries on the job
  • Develop the relevant skills to handle certain injuries in the workplace
  • Gain an understanding of basic tools required for low-voltage systems
  • Learn about specialty tools required for specialised applications
  • Acquire knowledge of power tools for the low voltage installer
  • Learn how to use common testers available in the market
  • Simplify installations using fishing wires and tools