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PESC 106 – Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

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This module will expose learners to fire alarms system management. Participants will gain hands-on experience of fire alarm installation and will learn about the types of alarm systems, inspection and service testing of alarm systems and the use of fire suppression equipment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and demonstrate an understanding of the various components of alarm systems
  • Classify and show an understanding of the variants of alarm-signaling systems
  • Recognise different types of automatic alarm-initiating devices
  • Show an understanding of manual alarm-initiating devices
  • Competently carry out the installation of alarm systems
  • Demonstrate an understanding of service testing and inspection methods for fire detection and alarm systems
  • Build capacity to understand and apply different methods to evaluate fire detection and suppression system equipment for life safety, property conservation and hazards
  • Skillfully apply inspection and testing methods for fire detection and suppression system equipment.