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PESC 104 – Working as an Electronic Security Operator

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Many security personnel find themselves interacting with electronic security either as a regular operator in the course of their daily duties or as control room operators. The control room operation allows an unarmed guard to monitor a location via CCTV. Working closely with security and emergency response units, the operator will be involved with the reporting and recording of vital information.

A control room is a room serving as an operation centre where a service or facility can be monitored and controlled. This can vary from a small shopping center with one or two operators to larger environments. For example, airports or universities with many operators and a team of other staff with different responsibilities. It is important to understand what each must do and how. 

This course has been designed to give participants the knowledge necessary to gain the operational and professional competency required to work in a control room or supervise its operations. Participants will understand their roles, responsibilities and the various equipment used in the control room. They will also learn about the various laws and existing codes of practice, topical operational issues and the latest technical advances in the control room.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an acceptable level of understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a control room operator
  • Display an understanding of various control room equipment and how to utilise them operationally
  • Demonstrate an acceptable level of understanding of relevant legislation and CCTV codes of practice
  • Competently manage incidents observed in control rooms
  • Promote health and safety in the control room
  • Skillfully operate CCTV and control room equipment
  • Awareness of emerging technologies in control room operations