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PESC103- Video/Digital Surveillance Systems

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The Video Surveillance course is designed to enable students to understand the fundamentals needed to operate, install and manage video/digital surveillance technology within legal parameters. Students will be guided through various topics concerning CCTV system design and engineering, including the functional requirements of video surveillance or CCTV system

In the end, students should come away from the course ready to deal with cameras, digital devices and other electronic security technology in the real world.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about lighting, lighting options and importance to proper camera selection and placement.
  • Learn how to avoid the complications that can arise through camera lighting
  • Competently design a video surveillance system.
  • Understand the practical uses and functionality of auxiliary components of video surveillance systems.
  • Understand the types and functions of camera lenses
  • Learn about the various types of commercially available monitors, resolutions and set up
  • Obtain deep knowledge of the accessory components that make up a video surveillance system
  •  Participants will learn how to maintain systems to meet the needs of law enforcement for evidence retrieval
  • Identify situations in which special arrangements must be utilized for optimal viewing