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STP 123 – Basic Training for Airport Security Personnel

COURSE OBJECTIVES The course has been designed to enable selected security personnel to: Understand the nature of the threats to civil aviation. Understand civil aviation from an international, regional andnational perspective. Work in and move about an airport safely. Communicate and cooperate with other airport agencies. Carry out access control duties to control the movement …

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Cargo and Mail Security Awareness Course

The objective of cargo and  mail security is to ensure that cargo and  mail carried on passenger, all-cargo and all-mail aircraft engaged in all flights be subjected to security controls by aircraft operators and/or regulated postal authorities/administrations and/or any relevant authority before being placed on board an aircraft. The acceptance, processing and handling of cargo …

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Aircraft Operator Basic Security Course

The objective of the commercial air transport operator security programme is to ensure that all security measures under the responsibility of the commercial air transport operator, as defined in the NCASP and the individual aircraft operator’s approved security programme, are applied on international and domestic flights.

Basic Aviation Security Course for Airport Security Staff

Staff engaged in security duties at the airport receive training in addition to security awareness training to enable them to perform their duties to an adequate standard. The course content is adapted to the specific needs of the staff to be trained.

Professional Master In Forensic Psychophysiology

750 HOURS – 25 ECTS This program is bundled with the Basic Training Program and targeted at experienced professionals like law enforcement practitioners and others with graduate academic qualification who desire high level skill and knowledge in the art of psychophysiology detection of deception. This Program also includes the Basic Training Program.

Polygraph Examiner Programme

450 HOURS – 15 ECTS Become a professional polygraph examiner with the Basic Training Program from an interactive eLearning platform, and having the opportunity to complete it with a module of real Practical training in Risk Control Nigeria an accredited institution of European Polygraph Association.